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Our Story

LTC Legal & Risk Management was created from experience and expertise as a long-term healthcare operator. By having direct experience, we possess a deep understanding of the challenges, complexities, and unique aspects of the industry.

Having provided care across multiple states within the US for over 20 years, we found that:

Traditional approaches to risk and litigation management did not effectively utilize money and resources.

Defense counsel costs were not reflective of the incident or allegation in question.

Often times, there was a disconnect between operations, insurance carriers, and defense counsel.

Our Solution

Committed to addressing these deficiencies in the industry and having developed a process of timely recognition of risk in incident, medical record requests, or notice of claim, we've established a multi-pronged approach that combines coordinated expertise to reduce cost and minimize exposure to the organization. In addition, we've designed an online portal called REPLICA to capture these events.

Together with our experienced professionals and REPLICA, we have the specialized knowledge and perspective, enabling us to address risks from multiple angles and make well-informed decisions.

Our Experienced Leadership

Our leadership and established network of strategic partners provides our clients with unparalleled knowledge and expertise in long-term care industry.

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

In addition to the expertise of our leadership team, we have a well-established network of strategic partners with decades of experience in the long-term care industry. These key resources and partnerships ensures us to provide our clients with unparalleled loss prevention and risk management services.

  • State Survey Officials

  • State Healthcare Associations

  • Nurse Consultants

  • Physician Consultants

  • Healthcare Expert Witnesses 

  • Regulatory Consultants

  • Healthcare Attorneys

  • Insurance Underwriters

  • Insurance Captive Managers

  • Long-Term Care Managers

  • Private Investigators

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